Who should attend?

Professionals working in the field of human resources, sustainability and corporate communication

Experts and managers representing corporations that would like to establish an effective employee volunteering mechanism within the corporation

Employees from all departments and levels involved in the execution of volunteering programs within the corporation

Why should attend?

“We need volunteers, but we don’t know how or where to find them.”

“We have volunteers, but we do not know where or what task we will assign.”

“We find volunteers easily when needed, but after a while we lose them.”

“We want our social investment projects to have a volunteer dimension and our colleagues to be involved voluntarily.”
“We don’t know how to promote volunteering.”

“We have very successful volunteer projects, but no one knows but us.”

“We want to establish a volunteer program in our corporation.”

If at least one of the sentences above belongs to you, this training has something for you!

Employee Volunteering Management Training will provide information and tools for the development and successful management of Volunteer Programs.



Venue: Zoom Platform

Duration: 13:00 – 17:00

Training Language: Turkish

Participation Fee: 

Certificate of Participation: Participation certificate will be provided.



Serra Titiz
Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting

Betül Bozkut

Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting