What Can We Do For You?

Accelerate your corporate sustainability transformation with Mikado.


Corporate responsibility and sustainability solutions including consulting, project development, training and reporting for a more responsible private sector.


Supporting organizations to adopt an impact mindset, to establish impact management systems and to report their social impact.


Supporting organizations to build inclusive business models and development programs making best use of their human and capital resources that serve societal needs.


Supporting the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey and social entrepreneurs maximizing their impact.


Mikado contributes to the formation of a responsible private sector and to the development of a sustainable and transparent civil society, and carries out studies that contribute to social innovation and social change. Check for the variety of trainings.

What did they say?

See what our valued customers say about Mikado

Mikado is a very energetic and good partner. I hope you continue on your way by keeping this positive approach.

Change from the bottom, not from the top. Studies in which every voice is heard and considered are very valuable.

There is such a thing as Mikado team spirit, this sense of belonging is really special to me.

You have started something that does not exist in Turkey. In terms of impact-oriented measurement we all have a long way to go. I hope we can contribute to this sector together. It’s been 12 years since we designed and wrote the country’s possibly first impact report together. I wish you continued success.

Mikado is a unique social enterprise. Its uniqueness is not due to being a social enterprise, but the value it adds to social entrepreneurship makes Mikado unique. My observations about Mikado are inspiring creative projects, innovative approaches, passion for sustainability, and efforts for change. I’m indescribably happy to come together. I thought about it but couldn’t find a suggestion to do. I think you are amazing!

It is impossible not to admire the change created by a tiny heart. I wish you many successes, to hear your name more often in the global.

Mikado’s contributions to the creation and development of sustainability management awareness in Turkey are great.

It is very valuable that Mikado raises awareness on the impact in the ecosystem without losing its development-oriented perspective.

Mikado has been playing a leading role in establishing sustainability and social impact awareness in institutions for 15 years.

Distinctive and memorable. Innovative and productive, working in line with its goals and objectives. Collaborative and entrepreneur. It’s a dynamic structure. An institution that I always recommend. Congratulations and wish you continued success.

Mikado pioneered capacity building in Turkey in the field of social impact and contributed greatly to the establishment of the concept. In doing so, Mikado acted as a complete social enterprise and prioritized social benefit over financial return and directed the institutions to ensure that the projects it managed had a high impact. Since Mikado has created its own team of people with a similar perspective, everyone who works has contributed to the vision of the institution.

Mikado’s place in the ecosystem has been established for many years and it contributes to the impact-oriented transformation of many institutions. It started to have a major influence on institutions as well. We are also pleased to be in close cooperation and wish it to continue for a long time. Mikado’s area of development is that it is the first company that comes to mind for young people building a career in sustainability, and that supportive policies are developed so that young people both prefer Mikado more and stay for a long time. I think that making Mikado more attractive to interested and competent young people is an important development area.

Developing and implementing pioneering applications is Mikado’s greatest strength.

The methods of working with the organizations with which it cooperates are very efficient. It can produce creative and functional solutions. It takes a leading role in its fields in Turkey by following the international agenda closely. I think every organization that works with Mikado has learned lots of new information from Mikado about their sustainability and impact agendas.

Mikado has been successfully maintaining its position as a fundamental and leading actor for social transformation for years. I find it extremely valuable that Mikado makes a difference with its innovation, impact-oriented and sustainability priority. While doing this, it carries out a collaborative and productive teamwork with its stakeholders in the ecosystem. Mikado’s 15th anniversary is both a success story and an inspiring and encouraging example for social enterprises. My expectation of Mikado is to maintain the ambition that will continue its philosophy based on benefits for the individual society planet. Another one is that it succeeds in progressing in a way that will be minimally affected by the negative processes we are in. Turkey desperately needs social change actors like Mikado. It is a great challenge and goal in itself to maintain the standards it has established with its personnel and volunteers who contribute to its development and continue to live in different roles in the ecosystem, as well as its approach and way of doing business.

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