Water Explorers Project

The Water Explorer program is a fun and exciting program that supports 8-14 year old students to take collective action on the issue of decreasing clean water sources and become leaders for a more water-conscious world. The Water Explorer activities are a model that can be implemented by project teams from any school, tailored to learning goals and timeframes. All resources for the activities are available and the program requires minimal planning as it is student-led. The Water Explorer program can be carried out in schools, classrooms, clubs, scout groups, eco-clubs, after-school activity groups, and all other child groups. The Water Explorer program was created by Global Action Plan UK (GAP UK), an international non-governmental organization based in the UK, in collaboration with the HSBC Water Program. In 2022, the program was supported by Maxion Inci Wheels and implemented in partnership with Mikado.

DOZ Abdi İbrahim Social Innovation in Health Program

The Story of The Project: Doz is a social innovation in health program designed to support impact-oriented start-ups that develop innovative solutions in healthcare. The program, which set out to support early and advanced stage impact-oriented entrepreneurs, was organized as “We Heal The Future” in its first period, and the initiative named PONS among advanced social enterprises and “ Hastane arkadaşım IDA” among early stage social enterprises came first. The initiative named BIODIF won the special jury award. In the new period of the program, applications were received from early and advanced initiatives. In addition, with the “Bir Doz Etkinlik” series, it offers content for individuals who are interested in social innovation in the field of health, who want to improve themselves in this field and increase their influence as a part of the Doz community, and university collaborations are made.

Tomorrow is Ours Project

The Story of The Project: YarınBizim is a social responsibility project launched by Sabancı Group to support the personal and academic development of students in 11th and 12th grades who have at least one parent, sibling, or relative working in the healthcare sector. Students who participate in “YarınBizim” have had online mentoring sessions with employees from Sabancı Group. Additionally, the project's online platform provides content on topics such as Sabancı University Career Support Program, Responsible Youth, Inspiring Figures, and Career Stories for students to engage with.

Nilüfer Municipality Social Entrepreneurship Center

The Story of The Project: Nilüfer Social Entrepreneurship Center was established in Bursa with the aim of strengthening the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region, increasing the region's capacity in this field, and supporting the emergence of social ventures that will contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals locally. It aims to become a umbrella organization in this field under the Entrepreneurship Financial Support Program of the Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA). The center works to increase the capacity of potential social entrepreneurs in the region, support and foster socially impactful ideas that bring social value, and provide knowledge and experience sharing. The center was established in collaboration with Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy and the Bursa Nilüfer Municipality for a period of 12 months.

Sustainable Future Competition

The Story of The Project: To raise awareness of sustainability among young people and to create active, participatory and sensitive young people in the “Sustainable Future Competition”, which was developed to be sensitive and sensitive to social problems; was implemented with the aim of providing innovative and sustainable social benefit by directing the youth to produce. 1263 applications were received from various cities of Turkey for the competition, whose application ended on July 1, 2020. As a result of the competition, the "Sustainable Textile Materials Library", "Bongo Art Project" and "Referandom" projects were entitled to be supported.

Investment-Ready Social Enterprises: Capacity Building Program

Investment-Ready Social Ventures: Capacity Building Program is a program launched by Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy in partnership with Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) and Ashoka Turkey to support social entrepreneurs in accessing finance. The program was implemented between December 2016 and June 2018. The goal of the program was to help participating social ventures become investment-ready and attract investment by improving their impact and business focus. The Certificate Program, designed for social ventures with a strong social focus that aim to improve their impact and business focus and become investment-ready, consists of seven main modules and two full days of training. The modules cover topics such as Social Impact Management, Strategy and Business Model Development, Financial Sustainability and Revenue Models, Brand Strategy, Corporate and Human Resources Management, Networking and Communication, and Social Finance and Impact Investment

Gender Equality Toolkit

The Women's Employment Management Tool is a tool adapted for use by companies in Turkey, taking into account local laws, regulations, and practices, based on the French ANACT Gender Equality Diagnosis Tool. This tool reveals the level of gender awareness within a company over a specific period of time, based on data from that year. In addition, companies can enter data at regular intervals to observe changes; filling it out every year offers an opportunity for businesses to compare and monitor changes between years, providing a chance for development. The aim is for this tool to serve as a starting point for companies to prioritize women's employment and develop an equitable management approach.

Know Your Impact / Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs

"The Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs" project was carried out in collaboration between Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) and Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy. The two-year project aimed to strengthen social entrepreneurship as a sustainable and reliable solution model for social problems. The project also aimed to equip young social entrepreneurs with skills in social impact measurement, enabling them to have a greater impact in society. By creating awareness among social entrepreneurs and ecosystem developers, the project facilitated the creation of materials in the native language that young social entrepreneurs could benefit from, making access to information easier. Through education and coaching programs, the project also further enhanced the skills of social entrepreneurs in various fields.

Wide Angle Creative Development Program With Celikel Foundation

An education support model has been developed with the "Wide Angle Creative Development Program" developed by the Çelikel Foundation to increase the personal, social and professional development of students, parents and teachers at Kavak Rıdvan Çelikel Anatolian High School. Within the scope of the Wide Angle Creative Development Program, education, culture-art and social development activities were carried out for students, teachers and parents with the support of experts in the fields such as “Self-Confidence, Goal Commitment, Project Development, Entrepreneurship”.

Promotion of Vocational Education Project

The aim of the project is to raise awareness in the public about vocational and technical education and to solve the problems that vocational education is facing, as well as to strengthen the reputation of vocational education and encourage relevant stakeholders to take action. Within the scope of the project, the "Vocational High School Coaching" system was established, volunteer coaches and beneficiary application modules were developed, and a monitoring-evaluation mechanism for the project was established. 373 people from 21 different Koç Community Companies who volunteer as coaches are providing coaching within the scope of the project, and every year, coaching and volunteer training is conducted by Mikado Consulting. Mikado Consulting also prepared the social impact report for the project.