Who should attend?

Experts and managers representing organizations that would like to strategically address sustainability within the organization

Professionals working in the fields of sustainability, corporate communication, marketing, human resources

All professionals who would like to have a holistic understanding of the subject

Why should attend?
We need to change the way in which individuals, corporations and governments think and act to achieve sustainable development. Similarly, we need good practices to reach more people…
Effective communication is not only informative; it is also inspirational and change making. Therefore, sustainability and sustainability communication should not be considered separately.

The need for sustainability communication becomes urgent as we are living in a world which is more transparent than ever thanks to information technologies, where we have challenging problems that need to be resolved, and where society becomes more sensitive on social and environmental issues.

In the training conducted by Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy, the relationship between responsible management and sustainability communication is highlighted and the methods and tools that companies can utilize for communicating sustainability are presented.

Participants will find the opportunity to listen good examples and practice what they have learned through individual and group works.




Duration: 1 day

Training Language: Turkish

Certificate of Participation: Participants will be given a certificate of participation signed by Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting at the end of the training.



Serra Titiz
Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting